A festive ocassion at Cedar Bluff Baptist Church about 1956

Left to right, front row, starting with boy at wall: Travis Hardin, Troy Reese, John James, Nancy Mead, Diane Mead, Greg Mead, Robbie Teague, Joann Reese, Jerry Hardin, and Theoria Hardin. Second row, starting with boy in window: Alton Stone?, Mr. Lindsay, Dorothy Welch, Bertha Brown Lindsay, Lucille Stinson, James Welch, Avis Teague, Mrs. Reese, Rev. Johnnie Akins, and Beryl James. Back row: Roland Akins, then after a gap, Gordon Hardin, Sandra Teague, Asa C. Teague, and Hobert Reese. Please send me corrections if you see errors.

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