Family of Samuel Harding of Brunswick County, Virginia

Aaron Hardin, Sr. of Pendleton District, South Carolina b. about 1775. Great-grandson.

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Griffin Hardin, brother of Aaron Hardin, from his testimony in old age on behalf of a Revolutionary War pension applicant, testified he (Griffin) had lived in Chatham County, N.C. Gabriel Hardin, the father of both, and their grandfather John Hardin, were both seen by land records to be present in Chatham County in the 1770s. John Hardin left Bute County, NC after November 1769 and is first mentioned in Chatham County in 1772 as a corporal in the militia. Certainly in February 1773 he applied for land in Chatham County. I reckon Gabriel Hardin, his son, to have been born before 1754. Gabriel Hardin, age about 30, left Chatham County in 1784 after being sued.  So it is clear Griffin and Aaron Hardin were born in Chatham County, North Carolina. So were their siblings during Gabriel Hardin's 12-year residence in Chatham County between 1772 and 1784.

Griffin and Aaron Hardin were about age 10 when they first saw Pendleton District in 1784, and were probably the two eldest in the under-16 category in the household of Gabriel Hardin in the 1790 census.

Aaron Hardin was 18 when he became independent, in 1793, when his father left the state. Aaron married early. He grew into a man and bought land in Pendleton District, later to become Anderson County.

Census analysis: aaron-deductions.pdf

1797 Jan 2

Henry Capehart, of S. C. to George Capehart, of N. C. for 20 and interest to be paid 2 Jan 1799, sold his good, household furniture (lists). Witness: Aaron HARDIN, James (his mark) Doil. James Doyle made oath to John Willson, J.P., 16 Jan 1797.
-Pendleton District, S.C. Deeds, 1790-1806, compiled by Betty Willie. Easley, SC, Southern Historical press, 1982.-p. 301 of original.

1806 March. Aaron Hardin buys Land

Hezekiah Posey for $111 sold to Aron Hardin 195 acres on 26 Mile Creek, bounded by John Miller, Hugh Mills, John Turner and Turpin, granted Jacob Capehart 6 Jan. 1794 for 262 acres. Date 17 Nov 1805: Wit: Joseph Jolly and Henry Jolly. Joseph Jolly made oath to M. Hammond, D.C. 25 Mar 1806. Rec. 28 Mar 1806. P.396, "Pendleton District, S.C. Deeds, 1790-1806" compiled by Betty Willie. Easley, SC 1982, Southern Historical Press.

1814 November 28

Aaron Harden is named on a plat. Description: Mills, John, Plat for 57 acres on Twenty-Six Mile Creek, Pendleton District, surveyed by James Anderson. Names indexed: Mills, JOhn; Anderson, James; Harden, aaron; Mills, Hugh; Doyl, Simon. Type: Plat. South Carolina Department of Archives and History,

1819 Feb 24, Wednesday. Sheriff's Sale.  

Sheriff's Sale. By virtue of Sundry Writs of Fieri Facias, to me directed, WILL BE SOLD, before the Court House in Pendleton, on the first Monday & Tuesday in March next ... A tract of  land lying on the waters of the Beaver Dam Creek, whereon Jesse Crenshaw jun. formerly lived, containing 100 acres, more of less; at the suit of George Riggs, vs Jesse Crenshaw and Aaron Harden ... Miller's Weekly Messenger, Pendleton, SC, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1819, Vol 12 Issue 40 Page 3. A similar announcent by sheriff Richard Tarr dated Feb 1, 1819 ran 3 weeks earlier.

1820 May 10. Sheriff's Sale

WILL BE SOLD before the Court House in Pendleton, on the first Monday & Tuesday in June, next ... A tract of land or plantation whereon Aaron Harden lives, as his property, at the suit of Simon Doyle ... Miller's Weekly Messenger, Pendleton, SC, May 10, 1820.

1821 April-May Execution Order Against Aaron and William Hardin

1821 April Execution against Aaron and William Hardin

Non-payment of tax on the 300 acres on 26 mile creek. On 1821 May 7 lands were sold to S. Cherry & Co. for $305.

Milton R. Hardin born in Laurens County; Aaron Hardin Relocated Temporarily

Milton R. Hardin, Aaron's believed son, was born in Laurens, South Carolina on 2 September 1821. Hardin tombstones at Pisgah. Thus it seems Mrs. Aaron Hardin Sr. relocated to Laurens County after April 1821 and before September 1821, but temporarily. Son Eli married Jane Bolt from that county in 1832, and son Joseph married her sister Amy about 1834. Thus Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hardin probably stayed with one of their sons for a time. In 1825 Aaron is back in Pendleton and in 1830 lived in Anderson County, Pendleton's successor. See table below for some birth places.

From "1864 Census for Re-Organizing the Georgia Militia,"

Name County Age Born (calc) Occupation Where born
Eli Harden Floyd
35 (55)Yrs 8 Mo
1828 (1808)
Pendleton District, SC
Eli J. Harden
25 Yrs 4 Mo
1838 June
Hatter. Exemption:
Militia Officer
Lawrenceburg (Laurensburg), SC
M(ilton) B. Harden
39 Yrs 4 Mo
1824 (1821)
Lawrenceburg (Laurensburg), SC

Corrections to the 1864 census and comments.

Eli J. Hardin was born 13 Sep 1838, from tombstone at Pisgah Cemetery . Therefore the Coosa census was taken (or effective) around 13 Jan 1864. 13 Sep 1838 plus 4 mo 25 yrs = 13 Jan 1864.

Eli Hardin was born 11 Apr 1808, from tombstone at Pisgah Cemetery. His age should be 55 Yrs 9 Mo, not 35 Yrs. A 5 was miscopied as a 3.  Adding 55 years 8 months to the tombstone's birthdate yields Jan 11, 1864 as the date of the census. But rounding the age to the nearest month takes away the accuracy.

Milton R. Hardin was born 2 Sep 1821, from tombstone at Pisgah Cemetery. His age should be 34 years 4 months. The census records 39 years 4 months. Again a suspected miscopy, substituting a 4 for what should be a 9. If the reader sees the error as I do, it is confirmation that the Floyd County census date was between 1 and 13 January 1864.

1825 Proof of Joseph and John Hardin as sons of Aaron Hardin

A survey was conducted for John J. Jenkins on 20 April 1825 for a plot adjacent to "Aran Hardin." The chain carriers  for the surveyor were Joseph Hardin and John Hardin.

"So. Carolina

I do hereby certify for John J. Jenkins a tract of land containing seventy seven acres (surveyed for him the 20th day of April 1825.) Situate in the district of Pendleton near Milion Creek waters of Twenty Three Mile Creek, Bounded N.E. by William Turpin N.W. by Lands Unknown and Rodum Doyle S.W. by William Turpin and S. by Aaron Hardin and hath such form and marks as the above plat presents.

Sampson Pope, D.S.

Given under my hand July 13, 1825. [illegible signature]."

Information from the plat: Road from Pendleton C.H. to Orrsville runs northeast to southwest through the middle of the property. Something is plotted wrong. The road to Orrsville (later Anderson) ran NNW to SSE.
The interesting and original information here is that the chain carriers were likely the sons of the adjacent land owner Aaron Hardin. Fellow researchers previously had some doubt. Joseph Hardin who settled in  Coosa, Floyd County, Georgia was born 22 April 1802 and was age 23 in 1825. John Hardin, who settled at Tecumseh, southern Cherokee County, Alabama, was born 1806 and was 19 years of age in 1825.

Aaron Hardin Died After 1830  >age  55

In 1830 Aaron Hardin lived in Anderson County, SC. See census analysis for the enumeration.

In 1830 William Hardin lived in Anderson County, age 30-40. An extra male 20-30 may have been his brother Aaron Hardin, Jr. William's wife was 30 to 40. There were 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, and 2 females 5-10. A few years later, William, Aaron, and Asa made a long trip to settle in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.