Likely Child of Aaron Hardin (b 1775) 

Hiram C. Hardin, born between March 11, 1795 and March 10, 1796, Pendleton District, SC

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From the "Records of Men Enlisted in the U. S. Army Prior to the Peace Established May 17, 1815" page 147:

Harden, Hiram C. or Hardie, Hyram C., Pvt., Capt. Felix B. Warley’s Company, 8th Regt. US Infantry. Description: 5 feet 6 inches, blue eyes, brown hair, fair skin, age 18, farmer. Where born: Pendleton Dist, SC. When: March 10, 14.

Note, the current date was entered for birth date, therefore the "where born" column may have been interpreted "where from." Enlistment: Where - Pendleton C. H. (Court House). By whom: Lt. Hunter. Period: 5 yrs Mar 9, 14.

Remarks. C. C. T. Hawkins, April 30, 14 __ Capt. F. B. Warley’s Co. Camp Flournoy, Ga. Jany. 10. D.C. Feby 16, __ Feby 28/15 Gales, Leut.

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Asa Avery Hardin, son of Aaron Hardin Sr. was born in Charleston March 1814 according to the Asa Hardin family bible. If so, then Mrs. Aaron Hardin Sr. gave birth in Charleston while accompanying Hiram Hardin to that city from Pendleton upon his enlistment. Hiram was either the oldest son of Aaron Hardin or the younger brother. If the son of Aaron, there was little place for a 1795-96 birth because of the youth of Aaron and the age of William, who appears to be Aaron's oldest son. But if Aaron married at age 18 in the year his father might have left the district (1793), there is room for Hiram as the oldest son before William. Hiram being the oldest son make a lie of all the census results for Aaron Hardin. An extra son isn't there! Either Hiram or William has to be raisied in another family! This section will have to be re-thought. On the other hand, Hiram Hardin might be a young son of Gabriel Hardin and a young brother of Aaron Hardin, Sr. Or both Hirams may have existed. Hiram Hardin #1: born ~ 1796, the last, or second from last, son of Gabriel Hardin (b. ~1852). Hiram Hardin #2:  Born 1796, the oldest son of Aaron Hardin. He joined the army in 1814.

Aaron Hardin's father Gabriel (the younger) moved from Pendleton District, SC to Anson County, NC between 1793 and 1800. He was there in 1800 with his wife and 5 boys under 25, one of which must have been Hiram #1. If Hiram #1 was the only Hiram, then it is hard to make sense that he, 14 years later, enlisted from Pendleton District, SC, then the home of two of his older brothers, Aaron and Griffin. It is possible Hiram lived with his older brothers Aaron or Griffin, or even lived alone, somewhere in Pendleton District during the decade bracketed by the 1810 and 1820 censuses.

It fits best if there were two Hirams. If Hiram #1 stayed near his father, it would explain a group of Hardins in northern Randolph County in 1830. It consisted of an old couple, Gabriel Hardin and his wife; a younger family led by Charles Hardin and a family led by Hiram Hardin. Hiram Hardin was born 1790-1800. He had 5 girls age 0-15 -- born then between 1815 and 1830. Completing the household was a woman of wifely age, 30-39 (b. the same decade as Hiram) That's Hiram #1.

Meanwhile Hiram #2 lived at his father Aaron's home until he left for the army, accompanied by his mother, who had a baby in Charleston. That Hiram #2 went to Monroe County, Alabama and married a second wife in on 1 Feb 1832.

Two Hirams clears up the contradiction that Hiram #1 has five girls and Hiram #2 had only his son John b. 1820 or 1827 that I can find.

Hiram #1 is unaccouted for between 1800 and 1830, and in his later life after 1830.

Hiram #2 is unaccounted for between 1815 and  1832. The rest of his life is known through his pension appliation.

William T. Hardin, son of Aaron Hardin, Sr. of my i1a family, left Pendleton District, SC for Tuscaloosa County, Alabama in the early 1830s. It was he, I thought, who enlisted in 1814 in the 1st Regiment of South Carolina Militia (Means' Regiment) as a musician. Alas, I have been mistaken. I have other information that shows the four Hardins in that unit, including William Hardin, are Hardins from Chester County, South Carolina. I have no record of William T. Hardin enlisting.

Hiram Hardin Time Line

1820 - Not found. His son John was born 1820 in Alabama.

1832 1 Feb - Hiram Hardin m. Wilday Hicks in Monroe County, Ala.

1840 - Not found.

1850 -  Living in Monroe County, Alabama.

Hyram Hardin, 50 (b. 1800), born SC
Wilda [Hicks] 43 (b. 1807), born NC
John Hardin, 30 (b. 1820), born Ala. Beside them lived Matilda, 43, b. NC, with husband  Charles Wood. Also living beside Hiram was Moses Hicks, age 45, b. NC. A 25-year-old in the house was named Priscilla, born Alabama.

For the names Hiram, Wilda, Matilda, and Priscilla, a check mark was placed in the column "Deaf, dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict." It is my guess that Wilda and Matilda were twin sisters and that Moses Hicks was her brother.

1860 - Lived at Mansfield P.O. in  DeSoto  Parish, La. with wife Wilda as a member of the household of his son John T. Harden.

Census: John T. Harden, age 33, farmer, real estate $2000, personal $14,500, b. Miss.
Henrietta Harden, age 31, f, housekeeper, b. Ala.
James Harden, 6, m., b. Ala.
Hudson Parker, 17, m., b. Ala. (attended school)
Robt Parker,  14, m., b. Ala (attended school)
Benj Parker, 12, m., b. Ala.
Susan Parker, 10, f., b. Ala.
John Parker, 9, m., b. Ala.
Hiram Harden, 65, farmer, real estate $2000, personal $1700, b. SC.
Wilda Harden, 50, f., Matron, b. NC. No slaves.

From the 1860 census we gather that John T. Hardin (shown here as born 1827) married Henrietta before 1854 while in Monroe County, Alabama. Henrietta was possibly a widow of Parker of Alabama.


Travels of Hiram Hardin
    Travels of Hiram Hardin, simplified.

Some time after the 1812 war, Hiram Hardin went to Alabama and was there in 1820 for the birth of his son John. John's mother evidently died in Alabama after 1820. Hiram went to Monroe County, Alabama where he married Wilda Hicks on 1 Feb 1832 and was granted or bought land there in 1837. By 1857 he lived in Desoto Parish, Louisiana. In 1870 Hiram and Wilda lived in Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

The War of 1812 Bounty Land and Pension Application records (free at ) are proof positive that the Hiram Hardin who joined the 8th U.S. Infantry from Pendleton District, SC is the one who received bounty land in Monroe County, Ala. and DeSoto and Calcasieu parishes in Louisiana. He filed pension application from Calcasieu Parish, La. He married Wilda or Willday Hicks in Monroe County, Ala. 1 Feb 1832 therefore an earlier wife was mother to his son John T. Hardin b. 1820. He died at his home 1 1/2 miles east of Niblett's Bluff on the Lake Charles Road on 18 Oct 1882. He is not consistent about his date of birth. Probably 1795 or 96.

He was sent first to Fort Hawkins, Ga. (later to become Macon) in Creek country on 20 April 1814. I need an explanation of why Mrs. Aaron Hardin was in Charleston in March 1814. (She was there because we know a son, Asa, said in the family bible he was born there in that month.) The company commander lived in Charleston. Perhaps Charleston is the place Hiram Hardin was inducted before being transported to Fort Hawkins.

Transcribed Pension Application in PDF (13 pages)

Excerpts from War of 1812 Pension Applications, Hardin, Hiram, at

p. 14 - Oct 31, 1883 - Accrued Pension for the Widow
p. 11 - 5 Nov 1857 - Resident of Monroe Co., Ala, enlisted c. 1 May 1813 from Pendleton District, SC, was in Capt. Worley's Co.
p. 52 - Aug 23, 1876 - Adjutant General's Record  Hiram C. Hardin enlisted 10 Mar 1814 at Pendleton Court House, SC. Description: Height 5'6, eyes blue, hair brown, compelxion fair, age 18, occupation farmer, where born - Pendleton District, SC. Recruiting returns: Fort Hawkins, Apr. 20/14, Inspection return, Jany 10; descriptive roll Feby 16, and Inspection Return, Camp Flournow, Ga, Feby 28, 1815 - present.
p. 41 - 25 May 1876 - J.T. Hardin signature (son of Hiram)
p. 17 - Wilda Hardin married 1 Feb 1832 in Monroe County
p. 49 - 9 Feb 1876 - Niblett's Bluff location

Monroeville-DeSoto Parish Connection (image 33-34)
State of Louisiana
Parish of Calcasieu

I HIRAM HARDIN of said state and parish - now applying for pension from the United States under No. 30406, Act of Feb. 14th, 1871, HEREBY STATE that I reeived a Land Warrant from the United States in consideration for my services in the War of 1812. That at the time I received said warrant I was living in Monroe County, Alabama. That the said warrant came to Monroeville Post Office Alabama. Deponent does not remember the name of the lawyer who obtained it for him. That he received it about the year 1851. That the said warrant for 160 acres was located by him in December A.D. 1855 - at the Land Office at Natchitoches, La. on a certain tract of land in DeSoto Parish La. - at a creek called "Grand Cane" in Section four (4) or five (5) township and range deponent does not recollect. The land lays about five or six miles east from Logansport Post Office. That at the time of locating said warrant he had to pay for some seven or eight acres [p. 34] in cash, there being of that amount in excess of the 160 acres for which the warrant called.

In testimony whereof witness my hand at Nibletts Bluff, Calcasieu Parish La. This 26th August AD 1876.
Hiram Hardin (his mark)
Ed. P. Goodwin
late post master at Washington, La.

Stamped Sep. 7, 1876
Department of the Interior
Pension Office


According to the 1813 City Directory for Charleston, South Carolina, "Warley, Felix Jr. Capt, U.S. Infantry, Wentworth Street, lived with Warley, Jacob, Lt. U.S. Infantry, Wentworth St., and with his father, Warley, Felix, Cashier, State Bank, Wentworth St. The father was a Captain in 1779 in Col William L. Thompson’s 3rd Regt, SC Line. Warley Jr. was at civil court in Savannah on Apr 30, 1815, and at Camp Hughes on Oct. 15, 1818.