Grandson of Gabriel Hardin (~1710-1801)

William Hardin, b. 1760-1770, settled in Carter County, Tennessee

This page includes speculation for discussion among reseasrchers of this family. It is not finished genealogy tied up in a ribbon for harvesting. Corrections and better explanations are requested. Contact Travis Hardin at ke3y at comcast dot net.

Y-DNA shows this man to be an I-M253 (what I call a Norse) Hardin. A descendant of William Hardin has posted the line from William to himself here: For that line please see test kit number B5353. I found William Hardin on the 1840 Carter County, Tenn. census where he was reported born 1760-1770. He married Mary Ann Nave in 1798 in Carter County's predecessor, Washington County, North Carolina. Her father was Detrich Nave as reported on The Naves were settlers in Carter County.

Searching for clues, I came upon a death certificate in Carter County for a Chrisley M. Hardin. He died Dec. 16, 1935 and was born 1860. He was unmarried. His father's name was given by informant Jessie Nave of Elizabethtown as William Hardin, born Tennessee, and his mother Annie Jane Nave, born Tennessee. William, the father, born before 1840 by deduction, would have been a grandson of the settler William born ~1765. 

Chrisley Hardin death

Origin of William Hardin

I've spoken with a researcher who has reason to believe the Carter County William Hardin is of the Moore County , North Carolina Hardins. Men of William's generation, born ~1770, are of the right age to be grandchildren of Gabriel Hardin of Moore County, or children or grandchildren of Gabriel Hardin's younger brother William Hardin of Moore County, or children or grandchildren of Gabriel Hardin's other young brother John Hardin of Chatham County, North Carolina. All three of these men I believe to be sons of Samuel Hardin of Brunswick County, Virginia along with Samuel Hardin, Jr. and Thomas Hardin, both of whom did not migrate past Granville County, N.C.

Few of those grandchildren have been located or even named. However you can find WILLIAM HARDIN, JR. in the records of Moore County, N.C. See Gabriel Hardin's page for those records. He may be the son of Gabriel's younger brother William. It seems to me it would be useful to consider that possibility. We can also research whether he is a son of one of Gabriel Hardin's children.

Tree of William Hardin  of Carter County from Pratt at Worldconnect -- Not researchered by this writer.

These trees are useful for seeing the descendants of William Hardin. For their proposed ancestors to be correct, William must connect with an I1-M253 "Norse" Hardin father.
Pratt Tree at Worldconnect
A Tree Showing son Elijah D. Hardin family at Worldconnect

Worldconnect: F. Pierce Pratt updated 2015-02-14
ID: I9154
Name: William Hardin
Given Name: William
Surname: Hardin
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1778 in North Carolina
Death: 1845 in Carter County, Tennessee