Bible of Thomas Marion Johnson 1828 - 1896

From a copy by Jackie Crumley (jcrumley at Oxford, Alabama. Original was in the hands of Stella Mizel of Gadsden, Alabama in the 1980-90's. (I don’t know its location now. T.H.)


Thomas Marion Johnson Was Bornd January The 19, 1828 and Susanah Jane Johnson was Bornd July the 4, 1831.

George Vardamond Johnson Was Bornd September The 4, 1849.

Mary ann Feaby Johnson was Bornd April The 6, 1852.

Frances Darcas Johnson was Bornd November The 9, 1854.

Nancy Caroline Johnson was Borned March 25, 1856.

Marthy Eveline Johnson was Borned Febuary The 19, 1858.

Thomas Layfayett Johnson was Borned Aprile The 12, 1860.

Henretta Jane Johnson was Borned April The 8, 1862.

Louisa Bullard Johnson was Borned April The 17, 1864.

Sarah Catharine Johnson=was Borned March The 18, 1866.

Julie Victoria Johnson was Borned April The 23, 1868.

Jefferson Alford Johnson was Borned April The 26, 1870.

Jollar [Joella] Johnson was Bornd December The 7, 1873.

Margaret Florence Johnson was Bornd April 17, 1875


Thomas Marion Johnson and His Wife Susanah Jane Griffith was Married June The 23, 1__

Thomas Marion Johnson and His Wife Safronia Mitchel was Married June 8, 1881.


Mrs. Susanah Jane Johnson Departed This Life February The 13, 1878.

Henryetta Jane Griffith Departed This Life August 21, 1890.

Thomas Marion Johnson Departed This Life May the 17, 1896.

Mrs. Liza Mitchell Departed This Life November 28, 1935.


Note: I have written the dates in conventional form with a comma between day and year. The original writer used spaces, dashes, or equal signs.

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Thomas Marion Johnson (1828-1896 )of Cherokee and Etowah Counties, Alabama